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Dec 4, 2012


My name is Eduardo and, looking back, I do not remember any time in my life when I did not enjoyed the company of various animals:

First, I had a dog of unknown breed, who accompanied me for fourteen years. It was my first animal and I will never forget her.

Then I had a rainbow lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) rescued from a pet shop where it was mainly fed on sunflower seed and kept in the back shop, away from the light and the window,  so customers wouldn´t noticed her nor her awful feather plucking problem. Back then the Internet was in its infancy and I had to turn to the Madrid Zoo staff to find appropriate information on the species. So, I started to feed her on pureed fruit and baby cereals and juice, and managed her to recover some feathers and even tamed her as to come to my hand on cue, until she died three years later.

Later I had a Boxer dog, whom I extensively trained  and we kept a link impossible to describe in words.
Unfortunately, after a long year of chemotherapy at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UCM, succumbed to an incurable lymphoma.

Then came a dwarf rabbit breed endearing Belier who accompanied us for three years, followed by a handfed nymph (Nymphicus hollandicus) who died of unknown causes at the age of 4 years. She taught me how smart and special parrots can become. I taught her to speak clearly and to fly to my hand on cue, in addition to various tricks. It was a very docile and loving animal.

Currently, I share my life with two French bulldogs, several goldfishes in a pond, a group of discus fishes, and the oldest of them all, a Congo African Grey (CAG) Parrot (Psitaccus erithacus) who is nearly seven years old and that I keep since its birth.
Animal intelligence and beauty has always fascinated me, and other values ​​such as the undying loyalty that they exhibit. The special relationship I had with my unforgettable boxer, in part due to the close relationship we developed through training, produced in me an enthusiasm for the field of animal behavior, that I currently attempt to satiate training Rufo, my dear CAG (whose image presides this page).

During this time, all my life indeed, there have been many books on the subject that I've read, many specialists I've talked to, and lots of people to which I will always be grateful for helping to expand and improve my knowledge of animal behavior, and in particular on those fascinating animals parrots are.

With this blog I intend not only to inform people how fascinating parrots can become, and the peculiarities of their behavior, but also the enormous commitment and difficulty required for their proper maintenance, so I will resort frequently to science (psychology and ethology especially), trying to unify my experiences and knowledge in a site that I hope will serve to help you in the management and training of your feathered companions.

From the conviction that understanding why behavior happens it will be much easier for us to provide a better environment to our pets, and thereby greatly enhance our relationship with them, my intention is to combine theory with practical articles, videos and photographs, helping to spread the science behind the art of training, understood as the way of trying to understand, predict and influence the behavior of our animals, so that our looks improve coexistence in a pleasant and positive way.

As a final note, and for those curious, this blog is the English version of the original one (, written in my native language (Spanish), so I want to excuse in advanced my poor English, promising I´ll try to do my best to explain myself in this language.

Thanks for being there.

Greetings to all!

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